Getting Your Kid A Train Set For Christmas? Remember The AC Switch

As a parent looking forward to the holiday season, you may want to pick up a train set for your child. Waking up on Christmas morning to a train moving along a track that stretches around the tree or living room can be exciting for children, and you might be recreating a bit of your own childhood as well. However, if you only purchase the trains and track, you're leaving out a component that could be vital for the set to function: an AC current switch.

Why Do You Need an AC Switch?

You may realize that the trains need electricity in order to move along their track, but you may not understand why on earth you have to pick up a small current switch to make that happen. After all, you've got electricity in your house, right?

It's true that your house likely uses alternative current, or AC current. This type of current is typically much safer and efficient for home appliances and other items than direct current, or DC, in which electricity flows in one direction. DC current is generally used in small applications, such as flashlight batteries and toy trains. 

Many early toy trains were constructed in a way that would require that DC power was used. In fact, many of the collectible trains still run on DC current. It's not unlikely that you'll look at toy trains in a store and choose CD powered trains without realizing until after the purchase is done and you're opening the boxes.

Why Can't You Use a DC Adapter?

Some toy train sets will include a DC adapter that is plugged into a home outlet. While this will work sometimes, there are spark risks and the adapter itself may not be good enough to last very long. If your child ends up loving their train set and uses it a lot, you may purchase lots of adapters because they might not stand up to heavy use.

An AC switch, on the other hand, works with the electricity in your home much better. You can get the electricity needed to power the trains with much less resistance and higher efficiency. The switch will allow your child's trains to run without a problem.

Getting an AC current switch for your child's toy trains ensures that train play is fun and safe. For more assistance with the switches, consult vendors and toy retailers