Things That Typically Go Wrong With Pool Pumps That Aren't Maintained

Your pool pump is more like a pool pump system. It pulls water out of the pool via a high-powered motor and suction system, filters the water, and then sends the water back into the pool via the exchange system. However, if you do not effectively maintain the pool pump system, you are going to have a lot of problems. The following lists what can happen when you do not maintain your pool pump system.

Hair Clogs

The pool pump system involves a hair drain. This has to be cleaned regularly if the pool is used often. Otherwise, the drain becomes matted with all the human hair, and then the pump's motor cannot pull enough pool water in to clean it and send it back. Worse still, the hair mat will begin to rot, creating extra bacteria and unpleasant odors in your pool. If the pool is used at least three times a week, have your pool cleaning technician check and clean the hair/lint trap as part of the maintenance plan.

Water-Logged Motor

Most pool pump motors are air-cooled via vents in the ends of the pool. The pump relies on air pulled into the system to cool the pump's motor. If your pool is too full of water, or too much water keeps going into the air vents, the motor to the pump can become water-logged. A water-logged pool pump will not work, and your pool will not be cleaned. Algae will begin to grow on the surface of the pool. Then you will have to drain it, fix the pump, clean the pool, and fill it with fresh water. 

Burnt Out Motor

If the pool pump motor is spinning faster and working harder because there is a problem with the rest of the pump system not working properly, you can burn out the pump's motor. When the motor burns out, the pump stops. If the pump stops, no amount of pool chemicals or chlorine is going to keep your pool water clean and safe for swimming. 

Extending the Life of the Pump System

You can extend the life of the pump system, but you have to know exactly when and how to do it. Along with maintenance of the pump system, you can turn the pump off at certain times of the day and then turn it back on. This is often done manually, but you can ask a pool technician to put the pump system on an auto timer. 

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