Keeping Your Pressure Washer Running

A pressure washer can be an extremely useful tool for cleaning a variety of surfaces. To ensure that your pressure washer is able to remain effective, there are some common issues that you may need to address during the time that you own and use this tool.

Compromised Handles

The handle of your pressure washer will be one of the components that you will interact with the most frequently. Not surprisingly, this can lead to it suffering various types of wear and tear that could negatively impact it. In particular, it is common for these handles to become increasingly difficult to operate due to corrosion, dirt, and other debris collecting between moving parts. Cleaning the handle and periodically inspecting its ease of use can allow you to determine when the time is coming to buy a replacement handle from a pressure washing equipment provider. While replacing this handle may seem like it will always be difficult, many modern pressure washers are designed so that the handles can be easily removed and replaced in a matter of minutes.  

Failing To Keep The Nozzle For The Pressure Washer Clean

Failing to clean the nozzle of the pressure washer is a common mistake that can drastically impact its overall performance. For example, dirt and other debris can get jammed in the nozzle while it is in the field. However, it is also possible for minerals from the water to start to form deposits on the nozzle. This could drastically reduce the performance of the system, and it may even damage the motor of the pressure washer. Using mineral solvents to dissolve these accumulations can be particularly important for those that are using hard water with their pressure washer, but it is a step that most units will likely benefit from at some point.

Damage To The Wheels

If you have a portable pressure washer that has wheels, it is important to periodically check the tires and wheels as they can suffer wear and problems in a few ways. In addition to the treading on the wheels wearing down over time, it can also be possible for the vibrations from the pressure washer to cause the wheels to actually loosen. If this were to occur, you could face a sudden wheel failure while you are attempting to use the device. If your unit is experiencing wheel problems, it can be possible to replace them, but you will need to know the right size of wheel and tire to ensure it fits correctly. 

For more information about pressure washer equipment, contact a local supplier.