Coffee Maker Options When You Make A Lot Of Coffee In Your Office Building

If you provide coffee for your employees or offer a snack bar in your building, you'll probably need an industrial or commercial coffee maker since you'll need a high volume of coffee, and you'll want to make it fast. Here's a look at some types of coffee machines that might work for you.

An Automatic Brewer With Warming Plates

An automatic coffee maker hooks into the water line in your kitchen so water is supplied automatically. This eliminates the need to pour water in from a decanter. These coffee machines handle more than one decanter at a time. As soon as one fills, it's moved to a warming plate so the next pot can begin. This keeps two pots full and one filling at all times.

This is a good system for a snack bar because it produces a lot of coffee, yet when the bar is slow, you can cut back to one pot at a time. Since your snack bar is staffed, there will always be someone to monitor coffee production so it meets the demands of your customers.

A Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

A pour-over machine works just like an automatic machine except each pot is made by hand. You measure coffee into the basket and then pour a decanter of water in by hand. There are still multiple plates for keeping the coffee hot until served, so a single machine can have multiple pots of coffee waiting to serve. An advantage of this type of commercial coffee machine is that it's portable since it doesn't connect to a water line.

A Thermal Server Coffee Machine

These coffee makers operate like machines that pour hot coffee into glass decanters, except these machines pour hot coffee into thermal servers instead. The thermal servers keep coffee hot for much longer than a glass decanter, and the coffee retains its fresh taste longer.

This type of coffee machine could be a good choice if your snack bar has self-serve coffee. You won't have to monitor the coffee as closely, and the thermal servers are safer for employees and guests to use than glass decanters.

A Coffee Maker With Dual Purposes

Some coffee machines make coffee only. Others can also dispense hot water or make hot chocolate. One of these coffee makers allows your customers to have a choice of beverages, such as coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate. Plain hot water can be used to make noodle soups or cereal, so it has several handy functions other than just dispensing coffee.