Industrial Generator - Important Installation Protocols To Follow

A generator is something you'll want to have on your industrial site just in case there's a power outage. After finding a model catered to your needs and environment, you need to install it. For a successful installation, read on to pick up meaningful insights. 

Figure Out an Optimal Location 

You don't want to put an industrial generator anywhere around your site. Instead, the location must be perfect for the generator to work safely and remain easy to access when maintenance and inspections are required. 

Most importantly, the location should be near electrical hookups that you'll use to power the generator when power outages occur. Additionally, consider a space that offers plenty of room for the generator's specific dimensions. 

Install Generator on a Pad 

An industrial generator can only perform optimally long-term if it's level. Consequently, one of the best things you can do to achieve even placement is to build a concrete pad that the generator will rest on for the foreseeable future.

The pad keeps the generator at the right level, regardless of what the surrounding ground conditions do over time. Just make sure the concrete pad is big enough to support the generator and made from high-quality concrete that lasts. 

Follow the Appropriate Safety Protocols 

Throughout an industrial generator installation, do your best to comply with the appropriate safety protocols. You can then keep yourself and others safe while you set up a generator, getting it hooked into your industrial site. 

Start by ensuring the location site is clutter-free so that the generator isn't prone to combustible conditions. Next, lift and move the generator with a heavy-duty machine like a crane. Finally, let professionals deal with all electrical components to avoid getting shocked. 

Set Up a Security Fence as Well

After you get an industrial generator set up around your site, it helps to provide it with some extra protection. After all, you paid good money for the generator and deserve a long-lasting machine. If you put a security fence around the industrial generator, it will hold up just fine over the years.

With a security fence, you keep the wrong people away from the generator. Only those authorized to work and inspect the machine can bypass the security fence with a corresponding key. 

If you just purchased a new generator for an industrial site, take its installation seriously. If you do, you can remain in control and subsequently face fewer complications.

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