Getting Fuel On The Job Or In Your Storage Tanks

Working in remote locations, with heavy machinery requires you to find a way to keep this large machines fueled up and working. Driving down the road to the local fuel station if not going to get the job done and the machines are often too large to move over the road anyway. What is the best alternative? There are a few things you can do to get the fuel to you instead of you going to the fuel.

Fuel Delivery Service

You can bring fuel into your worksite with a large tanker that is capable of filling the machines and depending on how often they need to be filled, this might be the best option. If you are working long hours and the machines need fuel every day, this might not work for you. Consider the options because the cost of having the truck come daily might cost more in the long run than it is worth. Remember you will have the cost of the fuel plus the delivery fee to deal with every day if you go this route.

Setting Up A Storage System

One alternative to hauling a truck of fuel to your site daily is to set up a storage system that will let you bring large amounts of fuel to the site once a week or even less often. The operators can then fill their machines daily and as needed. The delivery cost will only be charged once this way and while you will pay more for the fuel, you might get a better price on a large bulk order. Talk to the supplier and see what they are willing to do for you and if they have requirements on what kind of tank system they will pump fuel into.

Operating  A Fuel Truck

If the job site changes a lot, you might not want to set up a permanent storage system for your fuel but you might want to invest in a fuel tanker that you can drive to the supplier, fill, and drive back to the site. If the job site changes, you can just move the tanker to the new job and let it sit on site with fuel so the operators will have it when they need it. Not every supplier will want you to come get the fuel yourself but if you have a truck that is in good working order, a licensed driver with proper certifications for hauling fuel. You will find a supplier somewhere that will work with you.

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