Three Tips To Consider When Buying An Industrial Air Compressor

If your business is currently needing an air compressor, you will need to commit a sizable investment to meet this need. Therefore, you will find it very beneficial to ensure that you are prepared to take some precautionary steps before you purchase one of the units for your enterprise.

Ensure The Wiring Can Handle The Demands Of The Industrial Air Compressor

An industrial air compressor will require far more energy to function than you may have originally anticipated. When these systems attempt to draw excessive electricity from the wiring, it can contribute to the insulation of the wiring deforming or completely melting. An electrician will be able to test the wiring to make sure that it can handle the electrical demands, and if upgrades are necessary, they will be able to create a design to help you minimize the cost of this work while ensuring your compressor is getting enough energy to function.

Secure The Compressor To The Ground

Over the course of a day's use, the air compressor can create strong enough vibrations to cause it to gradually move across the ground. This can lead to deep scratches forming in the floors as well as creating unsafe conditions due to the risk of tripping or hoses getting tangled. By securing the air compressor to the floor, you can avoid these problems.

Keep A Maintenance Log Near The Compressor

Maintaining the air compressor will be an essential task for preserving it so that it will function for as long as possible before needing to be replaced or repaired. However, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of the maintenance that has been done to the unit or the work that will need to be done in the near future. In order to help your workers streamline this process, you may want to place a maintenance log near the air compressor. Ideally, this should be kept on a hook on the wall so that it will be safe from puddles or condensation.

Caring for your new air compressor will be a major responsibility if you are to get effective results from your investment in this tool. After you have an appreciation of the important need to test the wiring in the room where the system will be installed, securing it to the ground to prevent vibrations from moving it and keeping maintenance logs in convenient locations, your new air compressor, such as from Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc., will be less intimidating for you to maintain.