Preparing For The Installation Of A Residential Well

Fresh drinking water that lacks contaminants found in many public water systems may persuade you to seek the installation of a residential water well. Before proceeding to hire someone to drill the land where a well will be installed, choose an appropriate location for a well, determine if there will be an adequate supply of fresh water, and fill out the necessary paperwork for the installation process.


If there is a municipal ecology department or environmental quality control chapter in the town that you reside in, you can acquire information about your responsibilities concerning a new well being built on your property. Regional codes will mandate that a well is placed within a specific zone, being a set distance away from livestock, barn structures, areas with poor drainage, septic systems, or a neighbor's well.

It is ideal to have an underground well installed in an area that doesn't experience ponding after heavy rainfalls and that is located on an elevated surface. For instance, if you have a yard that is slightly sloped, it may be most favorable to have the well installed in the portion of the yard that is the most elevated.

The guidelines that are furnished will help you pinpoint where the well can be installed, but if you have neighbors residing within the proximity of your home, request information about the plot points where other wells are located on your residential street. This information should be recorded and kept at a public ecology or quality control office.

A Permit, An Application, And A Letter Of Intent

You may be required to obtain a permit prior to hiring someone to execute the beginning stages necessary for a well's installation. You will also need to fill out an application, which includes submitting pertinent information about the size of the well that is being installed and the proposed location of the well.

A water well drilling technician can guide you in choosing an adequate location for the well, especially if you were unable to determine the most favorable area. A letter of intent must be submitted through the same office where you acquired the other information about well installations. You or the drilling technician can fill out the required forms and submit them. Once they have been approved, your land will be prepared for the well. The person who you hire will let you know how long it will take to complete the digging and the installation.

For more information, contact a water well drilling service.