Benefits of Investing in Mortar Boards When Dealing With Masonry Activities

A lot of masonry operations involve mortar. This substance lets brick stick together really well and is often used to build up structures. If you'll be working with it often, you might invest in a mortar board. You'll have access to these incredible benefits when working with this masonry product.


If you tried using strictly wooden boards to support mortar for things like bricklaying, then this material can actually absorb the water in your mortar because it's not waterproof. Then you would have to adjust your mortar again and potentially have to discard it completely. You can avoid this extra work and cost by using a specialized mortar board. Instead of being made out of wood, it's made out of water-resistant polymers that won't absorb the water in your mortar. You can just keep the mortar on this board and know it will be ready for application, even if it has time to set out for a bit.

Convenient Lift Handles

You may have to move locations a lot when putting mortar down around a worksite. That means you'll be moving mortar quite a bit as well. You won't struggle if you get a mortar board, as it will have convenient lift handles on both sides that you can easily grip. You'll have no trouble keeping the board flat to prevent mortar from falling off. The lift handles also let you lift the board with a partner, which is nice when you put a lot of mortar on the board. 

Reinforced for Extra Mortar Weight 

There might be some apprehension about putting a lot of mortar on a mortar board, especially if you have to move the mortar pretty far away. What's to stop the board from not breaking? Fortunately, most mortar boards today come with a reinforced design—which you'll notice on the back. The extra ribs on the back help the board support a lot more mortar weight than you would be able to do with a standard board made out of wood. You'll have complete confidence even when a lot of mortar is placed on these boards.

Getting mortar ready for application doesn't have to be that difficult because of the availability of specialized mortar boards. They give you the perfect work surface to store mortar before it's placed on materials. From being durable to not absorbing water, these boards are true lifesavers when masonry work is required. For more help, contact masonry supplies services.