Own A Warehouse And Get A Lot Of Visitors? How To Keep Pedestrians Safe

If you own a warehouse and get a lot of visitors, it is up to you to keep everyone safe if your pedestrians walk around your warehouse. This is especially true if your warehouse is large as it can be difficult to keep up with everything that is going on. You could be sued if someone is injured due to an accident, which can result in spending a lot of money on legal fees. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent accidents from happening, two of which are listed below.

Use A Warehouse Pedestrian Detection System

One way to keep people safe in your warehouse is to install a warehouse pedestrian detection system. With this system, you will give each pedestrian a tag, which is an electronic key fob. These key fobs are also installed in forklifts inside your warehouse. If the driver gets close to a pedestrian, they will be alerted so the driver can then stop, slow down, or change directions. The alert is generally a warning light, or it may be audible.

These detection systems do have different features so ask what features are available in the detection system you would like to purchase. These features include audible alarms, buzzers, automatic gate systems, and lights. You can have your detection system custom-built if you prefer. This way it will work perfectly for the type of warehouse you have. A professional should install the system for you. This is because they can determine where it is most dangerous in your warehouse. For example, you may have blind spots that you are not aware of.

Make Changes Yourself

There are also many changes you can make inside your warehouse to increase the safety of pedestrians. Using these changes along with a detection system will provide you with the best safety measures. 

Put up signs where there are forklifts in your warehouse so people will watch out for them. Make sure your forklift drivers are taught safety measures. For example, they should know the speed at which they should drive their forklift. There should be alternate routes that drivers can take if there are people walking around in the warehouse. Make sure you have specified walkways in your warehouse for people to take when visiting your company. These walkways will ensure people do not get in the way of forklifts.

Talk with the salesperson at the company where you plan to purchase a detection system and they can give you much more information about them.