Moving From Natural Gas to Oil Heat? Heating Oil Delivery Information Homeowners Need to Know

Families who have grown accustomed to a particular heating type often struggle a bit when attempting to acclimate to a different one. A good example of this is when families that have previously used a natural gas furnace move to a home equipped with oil heat. While both types of heat are derived from petroleum and offer comfortable, efficient warmth, differences in the way these fuels are supplied to the home can cause a bit of confusion. 

Homeowners who have used natural gas to produce heat in the past but will now be using oil may use the following information to get a better understanding of the heating oil delivery process and how they can manage it as efficiently as possible. 

Oil tanks are safe

One of the first differences families will notice when using oil heat instead of natural gas heat is the presence of an onsite tank to hold their supply of heating oil instead of a system of pipes and a meter, like the ones used to deliver natural gas. While the thought of dealing with a large tank of heating oil can be a bit unsettling at first, it can be reassuring to know that most tanks, especially those kept in a sheltered location, can be safely used for decades. 

Tank size is important

Heating oil tanks come in a wide variety of sizes. Since the tank's size determines the amount of heating oil the household can store, homeowners will want to measure the height, width, and depth of the existing tank. This information, along with the size of the home and any available historical usage data for the home, can help the heating oil delivery company determine how much oil you will need to keep on hand and how often your tank should be scheduled to be refilled. 

Auto-delivery adds convenience

While it is possible for homeowners to purchase heating oil on an as-needed basis, opting to do so includes an increased risk of forgetting to place the order and experience a resulting loss of heat in the home. A better option to consider is to ask the heating oil delivery company to auto-deliver to your home on a regular schedule throughout the heating season.

Getting auto-delivery for home heating oil eliminates the need for homeowners to monitor their own oil tank levels and then remember to place timely orders for it. Additionally, utilizing auto-delivery options for heating oil is especially useful in areas where winter weather can limit travel and slow delivery schedules. To learn more useful information about heating oil, contact a heating oil delivery service in your area.